Visual Arts Exhibition

As part of their IB Visual Arts course, III Baccalaureate students inaugurated “Views of the World.” The exhibition, which they curated, comprises an array of different techniques, concepts, and media, assembled to celebrate our dynamic human nature, as seen through their lenses. Prizes were awarded to the best exhibitions, considering their use of color, technical competence, and coherent body of work. Valeria Gallardo, Micaela Abuhayar, and Alexia Sola obtained the first places. Additionally, honorable mentions were given to Maria Paz Cevallos and Ana Paula Trujillo for their artistic quality. Maria Beatriz Plaza de Manzano their teacher and renowned Ecuadorian artist, encouraged the students to follow Mother Theresa’s advice to continue striving with fortitude and wisdom as they contribute to a better and more peaceful work through their art. See Gallery