UN Model Argentina

Participating in a United Nations Model demands a lot of dedication from the students.  The model recreated 6 sessions of the United Nations:  1st General Assembly, 6th General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, Human Rights Council, Security Council and the International Labor Organization.

This year, Delta’s delegation had a very demanding task: to represent China in all of those sessions; addressing topics related to:

  • International agreements for complete disarmament
  • Technologic and scientific advances and their repercussion on International Security
  • Protection of victims of armed conflicts
  • International terrorism and nuclear proliferation
  • Technology and labor
  • Labor within the mining industry
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Socio-economic security in West Africa
  • Extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions
  • Right to Privacy in the Digital Age
  • ISIS as a world threat
  • Territorial conflicts around the South China Sea

This year’s model included more than 700 students, 90 teachers and coordinators and 22 debated topics.  During the three days of the model, the students were involved in official speeches, formal debates, moderated caucus and negotiations in order to achieve one resolution supported by most countries.  This simply strategy required a huge amount of critical thinking and diplomatic skills.

Delta’s delegation received recognition for their remarkable participation throughout the three days of the model.  Congratulations on that significant award!