Spelling Bee Finals

Spelling Bee contests put to the test a series of cognitive skills, which include visual processing, memory, logic and reason as well as auditory processing. Moreover, it requires great attention skills and the ability to think quickly under pressure. This activity greatly enhances a child’s vocabulary, which allows them to enjoy reading a wider range of materials and subjects. For the past month, the students from 5th, 6th and 7th grades have been practicing in their classes in order to select 5 representatives per group. These girls participated this week in the Spelling Bee Finals held in the school’s auditorium. After several rounds of words, a lot of anxiety and excitement.  See gallery.

The winners were:

5th. grade:
1st. place – Valeria Antón
2nd. place – Fabiana Súniga
3rd. place – Katrina Marún

6th. grade:
1st. place – Valentina Correa
2nd. place – Victoria Arosemena
3rd. place – Paula Missale

7th. grade:
1st. place – Estefanía Salazar
2nd. place – Romina Arosemena
3rd. place – Danna Martínez