Segundo lugar en Interescolar de Poesía

Antonella Naranjo, de III Bachillerato, obtuvo el 2do. lugar en el Interescolar de Poesía organizado por el Colegio Torremar el 12 de septiembre.

Nostalgia for freedom

How to kill time?
That’s all my mind thinks about
Reminding me of how
The minutes pass and knock me out

See them laughing?
There’s a light in their face
I wish I could return
Forever to that age

Who does not remember,
The glory that we felt?
Running and flying,
While our feet danced everywhere?

These days we lost the feeling
That sweet breeze in our hair
We mistook the meaning of freedom
That’s why we ended up this way

Young hearts keep on searching
Trying to free themselves
But everyone is a mirror
Of the ‘freedom’ campaign

“Let’s party!”
Echoes in your head
“Fake love! It’s fun!”
There is no time left”

We should work hard
Build our own path
Fight for the freedom
Of getting it right

Like birds in the sky
With no fear of the flight
We should jump off the cliff
And make our dreams fly