First Place Poetry Contest

Poetry is an ancient written art form that expresses beauty and sentiments. Through poetry, a writer can transmit feelings, emotions and desires that otherwise would be kept to herself. Through the use of similes, metaphors and other literary elements, poetry renders a look beyond the surface. This is exactly what was taken in consideration during Delta’s Internal Poetry Contest. This year, 55 students signed up; writing poems about love, hope, freedom, peace, laughter, among other themes. The students had 80 minutes in order to create an original poem selecting one of the given topics. Carla Salgado and Nathalie Baquerizo received the 1st and 2nd place respectively, providing them the opportunity to represent us at Torremar’s 7th Interscholastic Poetry Contest. Delta won the first place with Nathalie´s participation. This contest was held on September 11, with the participation of more than 12 schools.