Outstanding participation at PANAMUN XXVII

Sixteen students from Middle School and High School represented the school in PANAMUN XVII held in the city of Panama in October 24th-26th. There were 16 delegates who represented several committees and were able to pass 11 resolutions, 5 main submitters and 6 co-submitters. Valeria Hidalgo was awarded the Best Delegate recognition in the UNODC Committee while representing Mexico. Congratulation to our 16 delegates for their extraordinary participation:
Estefanía Salazar, Isabella de Tomaso, Charlize Zederbauer, Bianca Rizzo, Ana Sofía Romero, Amira Manzur, Valentina Valverde, Valeria Hidalgo, Laura Bejarano, Alexa Bassil, Alexia Chinchilla, Isabella Saab, Analía Espinoza, Nicole Ortiz, Ilona Dunn, and Nicole Tutiven. The students were accompanied and prepared by Isabel Banegas and Jessica Cerón.