On October 21st to 23rd, the Debate Team had the pleasure to participate in Corpeducar’s United Nations Model, which was hosted by Unidad Educativa Bilingue Nuevo Mundo. The delegation, formed by thirteen students from 1st and 2nd Baccalaureate, had many hours of preparation to represent several countries assigned: China, Panama, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Senegal and Iran.
This model recreated the Political-Judicial Committee, Security Council, Human Rights Council, Ethical-Environmental Committee and ACNUR (Refugee) Committee. The delegations had to be well informed about several issues regarding worldwide conflicts, and their country’s stand on the topics discussed.
Delta’s delegation had a phenomenal participation supporting their country’s position and writing resolutions to solve the conflicts discussed in each committee. Moreover, the delegations created amendments to resolutions proposed by other countries.
This experience helps the students develop their leadership skills, learn about worldwide situations and perspectives, and engage in real-life situations.