Internal Persuasive Speech Contest

On Monday September 5th, the First Internal Persuasive Speech Contest was carried out at Delta. The students had to write and present a speech on the topic “Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for the US Presidency”. The students had to take a side and convince the judges on their stand. They persuaded them by appealing to their emotions, sense of logic and trustworthiness. The use of rhetorical and literary devices helped the students into influencing the judges’ way of thinking. The top three positions were: Cristina Navarrete (1st place), Cristina Estrada (2nd place) and Salua Marún (3rd place). Cristina Navarrete will represent the school in the Interscholastic Persuasive Speech Contest on October 21st. She will work closely with Cristina Estrada preparing herself for that contest. Good luck girls!