IB Done

After two years of hard work, III baccalaureate students completed the requirements for the acquisition of the IB Diploma and the different courses. This program requires students to complete meaningful and autonomous projects for each of the different subjects and final assessments at the end of the two years. This year, candidates took examinations for 13 different subjects and 3 core components, and it was our fist session for English A Language and Literature and Physics. All the exams and projects were sent to examiners and moderators from different parts of the world.

The final results for the session will arrive in January. We are sure all the effort, determination and perseverance shown by this cohort of students will pay off. Obtaining the IB Diploma and the different courses provides students with a set of opportunities in universities around the world that range from direct admissions, scholarships, and university credits, to many others. But above all, it allows for the preparation of lifelong learners ready to propose creative solutions to local and global issues.