Educational Leaders are trained at Delta

Universidad Casa Grande (UCG) and Delta cohosted the workshop “Coaching Through Learning Walks.” 25 educational leaders from different schools and institutions in Guayaquil were part of the group (ESPOL, UCSG, Torremar, Alemán Humboldt, Copol, Liceo los Andes, Monte Tabor, ESPOL, Steiner, CEBI, Moderna). The activities of the workshop included walking into classrooms at Delta to reflect upon teaching practices. This practice of “Learning Walks” has been implemented in Canadian, American and Japanese schools in order to enhance students productivity and performance. Delta will start implementing this practice in the second semester.

The workshop leader, Dr. Maria Cristina “Margo” Guilott was invited to Guayaquil to promote UCG post graduate programs. Dr. Guilott is known internationally as an author and specialist in change processes, especially change like Ecuador is experiencing with the introduction of English teacher and learner standards. As an independent consultant she has worked with Dr. Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, authors of Understanding by Design and backwards design training teachers in many parts of the world.