Delta’s Fun Labs

On this Delta’s Fun Labs edition, our 5th, 6th, and 7th graders (middle schoolers) had the chance to explore and develop different skills and interests. What a fun and authentic way of enriching their learning experience!

When it comes to preparing our girls to live in an unexpected future, creating innovative learning experiences is a must. Our Fun Labs are a space for each girl to explore her own interests and develop a set of skills, as they are presented with real-life situations, making their learning as significant and authentic as it can be.

Unlike regular schooling practices, in our labs girls are grouped by interests, creating a unique environment where they work with different ages along with members of our community. As they do so, they enhance their collaboration, communication and display their creativity in an array of ways.
This allows us to enrich our curriculum as we strive to help each girl get to know herself better, dream big, and achieve their potential to the fullest.

Here’s to our future innovators, scientists, writers, creators, educators, actresses, architects, historians… so they can be what they want to be!