Delta´s English Fair

With a lot of enthusiasm and hard work, students prepared a wide variety of topics to present in this year’s English Fair.  Several scientific concepts were explained, such as the theory of Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, Ecosystems from the Galapagos Islands, Soil Erosion, among others.  Our future artists represented significant movements in paintings, such as Cubism, Pointillism, Surrealism and Impressionism.  Moreover, the Social Studies area presented information about the Incas, the Presidents of Ecuador, the American Symbols and the American Revolution.  The micro theaters represented stories that have been read in class, demonstrating a great deal of acting talent in our girls.  To conclude the upper levels reenacted the Victoria Period in Literature, Courageous Women throughout times and the World’s Smartest Teenagers, just to name a few.  Without a doubt, it was a memorable day for students, teachers and parents.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!