Delta’s English Fair

An amazing morning of music, art, plays and even horror was experienced during Saturday’s English Fair. The students placed a lot of enthusiasm preparing presentations that enhanced their artistic and creative skills within an academic context. Interactive game shows and the “Carnival” stands provided an excellent opportunity for the girls to participate with their parents. The outdoors theater enlightened the atmosphere with a musical that allowed girls to display their amazing voices. Some drama was also perceived in the reenactment of Matisse’s “The Dessert: Harmony in Red”, through the personification of the colors, images and the woman of this famous painting. Science, Computer Science and Robotics also had a chance to present a wide variety of experiments and hands-on activities that make learning significant. Finally, Social Studies did an amazing job focusing on the role of women throughout history and Ecuadorian cultures, with a Mini-Museum to display the different artifacts created by the students. Indeed, a complete display of the different learning areas included in Delta’s English program. See Gallery