Debate Club

Auditions for the Debate Club were held during the third week of May this year. More than 40 participants from different levels of the baccalaureate cycle registered. The resolution debated was: “The relationship between Cuba and the United States is beneficial for Latin America.”

This was the perfect opportunity to allow our students to address social, political, and economic factors related to a topic of current relevance in international relations and governance. Moreover, the application of thorough research and critical thinking skills were necessary to defend both sides of the issue. After several very competitive debates, 18 students were selected for this year’s team:

– Anabella Cassinelli
– Nathalie Baquerizo
– Gabriela Aguirre
– Marcela Baquerizo
– Valentina Baquerizo
– Victoria Montero
– Gabriela Muñoz
– Adriana Chiriboga
– Alejandra González Rubio
– Cristina Navarrete
– Valeria Landázuri
– Chiara Iannuzzelli
– Salua Marún
– Daniela Calderón
– Paula Torres
– Ma. Andrea Ramos
– Carla Salgado
– Alejandra Ycaza

These students began their training sessions this week. This year’s plan includes several participations in the local Debate Tournaments. Furthermore, students will attend two international models: the United Nations Model of Argentina and Harvard’s United Nations Model in Mexico City.