On september 6th IB Visual Arts students inaugurated “Constellations,” the exhibition prepared to show the art work developed during the last 2 years. Constellations is the culminating event of the Visual Arts course where 26 galaxies of ideas evolved into an artistic universe. The pieces portray, through a variety of media, a series of messages to make the world a better place and to leave a permanent stamp on the viewers.
The Guayaquilean artist Christian Moreano was invited to the opening ceremony and was part of the jury of the curatorial contest developed during the event. Three awards were presented to the students who demonstrated the greatest creativity, style, and visual experience through the setup of their work; Gabriela Munoz, Marcela Baquerizo, and Ana Maria Castillo received the prizes respectively.
To highlight the artistic nature of the venue, a poem reading was performed and violins were played to various tunes. The experience concluded in a conversation with the invited artist where he presented his work and shared his experiences. It was an authentic and rewarding immersion to the world of the arts. See Gallery