Concurso Interno de Poesía en Inglés

El concurso de Poesía en Inglés se llevó a cabo el 3 de septiembre. Las 26 alumnas inscritas debían escoger 1 tema, de los 7 optativos, y desarrollar el poema en ese momento, durante 2 horas. Estos serían calificados en base a originalidad, dicción, vocabulario y elementos literarios de la poesía como rima, aliteración, metáforas, onomatopeya y ortografía. Los dos primeros lugares participaron luego en el interescolar. Se escogieron 3 primeros puestos y 7 menciones de honor:

1. Renata Sigüenza Gutiérrez
2. Antonella Naranjo Calero
3. Victoria Guzmán Amador

Menciones de Honor:

4. María Paula Avilés Menoscal (IIIB)
5. Gabriela Muñoz Garay (IA)
6. María Fernanda Correa Pereira (IIIA)
7. Andrea Henriquez Fernandez de Castro (IIB)
8. Alexa Romoleroux Maspons (IA)
9. Gabriela Ycaza Gómez (IIIB)
10. Camila Aguilar Flores (IIIA)

Till the Day We Become Stars
Renata Siguenza
II “A” – C2

You hold my hand
and everything turns still,
my heart races like lightning
I´m sure you hear it beat

All those songs on the radio
with the cheesy chorus lines
They have all become now clear
I suddenly understand

People warned me about addictions
about cigars, cocaine and crack
but they all forgot to mention
you and your dark hair and fair eyes.

Before you I was sun-kissed yellow
before me, you ocean blue
but we both became green meadow
when one heart was formed from two

and we all think that’s what we love with
that we feel with only our heart
but when you are not beside me
I ache in every body part
But still here we remain
as time passes, but not really
some say time was made by humans
so they think time is a limit

How selfish of those people
to try to limit this.
Can´t they see that we’re oh-so-happy
in our own eternity?

Please don’t say you’ll ever leave me,
please don’t say our love will die.
say our love will last forever
’till the day we become stars.

I am alive
By Camila Aguilar

What was once dark
Suddenly came to life
Althought it left marks
I´ve finally arise

No, I´m fine
No, I´m okay
Was the mantra I said
Every single day
Truth or lie
Didn´t matter anyway

Would they listen?
Would they care?
Would they hold me
And take me away?

Away from the sorrow
Away from the pain
Away from the darkness
That blinded my way

I´m here
I´m alive
With a new perspective
With a new mind

Ready to face
What lies ahead
Since what once was dark
Suddenly came to life again.

With Him
By Ma. Paula Avilés Menoscal

I woke up next to him,
He was still counting sheep,
The murmur of his breathing
Gave me some sort of peace.

I woke up next to him,
Thanked the Lord for the beep
And then went back to sleep.

I woke up next to him,
Saw him laying still
Grabbed his icy hand
and begged him to arise.

I woke up next to him,
Saw the doctor walk in
to check his vitals again.

I woke up next to him,
The lawyer came in
and read my love’s will.

I woke up next to him,
It was the seventh day
So I hugged him tight
And cried my eyes out.

I woke up next to him,
The doctor walked in.
“Tomorrow is the day,
I am sorry”, he said.

I woke up next to him,
I kissed him with my life while
Saying “I love you” for the last time.

I woke up without him,
In the middle of the night,
I grabbed his picture
And cried for the rest of my life.

By María Fernanda Correa Pereira

She had always been
A hard-core living thing.
One of those who seems
Not to feel a thing.

She was like the salt in the sea.
If it could cry, no one will see.
She never cries at all?
No one had ever seen her tears.

But she was sure somehow
That when true love comes,
She will open up her heart.
Give it all, risk it all
For whom makes her all.

Time has passed,
She gave up.

Where is the fight?

By Antonella Naranjo
III Bach “A”

How not to lose faith
When the soldiers are falling
One by one,
Their brains are being stolen

No one realized,
The tricky entertainment
The future of the human kind
Was being manipulated

Young hearts were destroyed
By the invisible plague in the air
They were living their lives
They were hallucinating that lie

There were a few fighting the enemy
But their aim was perceived as ‘lost’
So they fell by the pressure of ‘winning’
And their souls were the cost

The world is changing
Girls are mistaken with dolls
Boys are the ones playing
And their self-esteem falls

One day there won’t be a difference
Only one wave around the world
They started by being unique
But the current killed them all

My country, oh dear
By Andrea Henríquez

How sweet it is
that sense of belonging,
that undeniable relief
of being in one’s country.
The peace it brings
the comfort it produces,
Because my country, oh dear
my country is the best.

If you won’t believe,
just come take a look.
Run trough its meadows
and swim in its rivers,
discover its secrets
and take a trip to its heart.
I have no doubt, you’ll be amazed
because my country, oh dear
my country is the best.

If your mind is not yet in peace,
worry no more! I have what you need.
It’s the people, the people from my land
that will warm your heart,
and open your eyes.
Look at their shine, look at their smiles!
That’s all you’ll ever need,
because my country, oh dear
my country is the best.

Oh no please! Don’t get me wrong,
every country has its value,
and non is left behind.
I just don’t want you to forget
the amazingness of mine.
Because my country, oh dear
my country is the best.

So I guess that’s my secret,
the reason for my tears.
You see, my soul is in my country,
but my body is standing here.
So through foreign looks, and broken lands,
I watch my city from the far.
Because my country, oh dear
my country is all I’ve got.

A piece of advice
By Gabriela Ycaza

She looks at the paper and writes all their names
A long list of people that are her so called friends
Sitting in her bedroom, surrounded by a million frames
It finally hits her, it was all pretend

Does it really matters, how many friends you have?
From kindergarten to senior year, they all grew up
Now they’re worried about who got drunk, who broke up
It makes her wonder “how many real friends do I have?”

Her mother is worried, “you’re changing” she says
“You’re not the little girl you used to be back In the days
They’re not your real friends if you can’t be yourself
A friend is not someone you store up on the shelf”.

Now that it’s over she finally gets
That time doesn’t matter when it comes to friends
The real ones are stars, they’re like a dessert
They’re precious and loving, they’re not just a trend.

Her mom looked at her, smiled and said “hey”
The pause that followed was only replaced
By a phrase that she loved and would not forget
“You’re not growing up if you’re not losing friends”

By Victoria Guzmán

There was one thing once that kept me alive,
is the faith I woke up to every morning and kept by my side,
I wore it almost like a purse,
or my clothes, or my eyes it was something indispensable to me,
something I couldn’t live without.

There were some days when I woke up sad
so I gently called faith to be by my side,
once I got filled with joy and smile
I could keep on going with my daily life.

But there is one thing that happened one night,
I got scared of the future that was coming to fast.
the day before my birthday I started to cry and called faith so I would calm down and have a positive mind,
but faith never came it had left my side.

Even if I tried I couldn’t receive faith
it had died or maybe hide in the darkest part of my heart
so the world turned gray, no colors where longer bright
I started to try to make myself smile
I even wished on the stars in the sky.

I had never felt so lonely, abandoned and sad
I couldn’t even think I missed faith way to much,
no dreams or music or friends or my dad could make me feel better, I was so blind.
One day I suddenly understand
Maybe faith didn’t die but I was no longer a child,
what I felt that was dead was not faith but childhood that had passed by so fast.

Then I sat and understand that things were all right faith was there,
but I was the one changing and had acted so blind.

I could smile again because my dreams were to reach
for the sky with this new and bigger faith
I had found in my heart.